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Surrounding Area

It's not easy to find a place on the Mediterranean as wonderful as the Province of Almeria. The area has a coastline of more than 100km in length and beautiful scenery that cannot be matched.

The landscape peculiarities and the favourable climate result in this province being the ideal spot for the film industry. This is why you may even be able to spot some of the big screen's famous celebrities walking around the city.

The region's unspoiled, beaches in the east with emerging nudist complexes and the large tourist complexes in the west offer visitors a high-quality destination. The Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park is encircled by a coastline full of extensive beaches of fine sand and hidden coves that are bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The traditional "Moros y Cristianos" (Moors and Christians) festivals contribute to making a visit to Almeria a true adventure.

The sea and desert combine to form the most fertile and productive region on the continent. Dry lands where survival is a constant challenge and salted lakes in which a variety of fauna and vegetation (unique on our planet) dwell are waiting for those who visit this province. Furthermore, the region boasts a subtropical, Mediterranean climate which is warm and dry.

The Sierra de Maria-Los Velez Natural Park with its castle, rock caves and extensive wildlife, and the Cabo de Gara-Nijar Natural Park with its desert beaches, rough cliffs and transparent marine depths give life to the landscape. Visitors can enjoy the magic of the snow, the Mediterranean forest, the desert and the sea.

The cuisine you can enjoy in the Province of Almeria is varied and natural. High-quality sea and land products have been combined since olden times. A certain traditional isolation has resulted in highly individual gastronomy that preserves the oldest essences of past influences.

Pepper and paprika are the pillars of the region's cuisine. They are still used nowadays in numerous dishes made in homes and restaurants throughout the province.